Why is maintenance needed? Fireplaces and woodstoves are designed to provide heat while safely containing a wood-fueled fire. The chimney exhausts smoke, tar fog, gases, water vapor and other by-products of combustion. As smoke flows up the relatively cooler chimney, soot/creosote condensation occurs. If the combustible soot/ creosote is allowed to accumulate, it can ignite and start a chimney fire. The extremely high temperature (nearing 2000 degrees) can damage the chimney and provide a pathway for flames to reach the combustible wood frame of the house.

Regular maintenance is necessary for fire safety and performance reasons. Big Steve's Chimney Service can provide this service to keep your system in optimal condition at all times.
Services Rendered

Steve Synder

Chimney Sweeping

Includes sweeping of the chimney shaft, brushing the smoke- chamber, damper, sweeping and vacuuming the firebox, a visual evaluation of the firebox and shaft interior, with an oral report at the job site. Most systems: $179


Chimneys should be inspected annually and swept when needed. The service includes a Level 1 inspection of the readily accessable areas of the system with an oral report at the job site. Most systems: $179.

Performance & Diagnostics

General troubleshooting can be performed to aid in solving various problems. Common trouble includes smoke entering the room, chimney shaft obstructions, poor system design, parts in disrepair, and heat escaping through the chimney while not in use due to a bad damper. Service call: $179

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint collects in clothes dryer vents and can often slow drying time. In cases of severe blockage, a dryer motor can overheat or the lint may catch fire. A fast, rotating brush can clean through right angle turns to remove trapped lint. Most systems: $179


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